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Belize - Cayo District  Tours and Activities

Maya Ruin tours Cayo District Belize

Belize Archaeology - Maya Ruins Tours

You emerge from the jungle undergrowth and there in  front of you in the clearing is a massive, ancient temple rising hundreds of feet high to meet the sky. What are these ancient temples doing in the middle of the forest? Who built them and why? Why did the Maya at the height of their civilization suddenly collapse? These are just a few of the questions we explore in our Belize Cayo Archaeological Maya Ruins Tours. Now you can discover these ancient wonders and grow in appreciation of our (pre-columbian) ancient history.  more like this...   
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Natural History tours Cayo District Belize

Cayo District Tours - Natural History Tours Belize

You are in the middle of the rain forest, staring at the upper canopy, observing strangler vines overcome unwilling hosts, bromeliads and other epiphytes weigh down the trunks and branches of trees. You stop and listen to the distant call of tropical birds, and the noisy chatter of a flock of parrots nearby; the forest is seldom a quiet place. Come, explore our rich natural history, through our Cayo Natural History Tours, let us put you in the middle of our tropical rain forest. more like this...     click the up arrow to return to the top of the page   top.gif (1170 bytes)

Sight Seeing tours Cayo District Belize

Sight Seeing Tours in the Cayo District of Belize Belize's Western District

The beauty of nature's artistry is evident in the Mountain Pine Ridge, especially at Rio On where the river has designed a beautiful landscape. Refresh yourself in one of the plentiful natural pools or relax on a huge granite boulder. These are some of the oldest rocks in Central America and evidence of Belize's geologic history. Add to this the beautiful hidden valley falls and enormous Rio Frio Cave and you end up with an enjoyable and unforgettable outing. Bring plenty of film for this portion of our Cayo Sight-Seeing Tours. more like this...  click the up arrow to return to the top of the page   top.gif (1170 bytes)

adventure tours Cayo District Belize

Western Belize's Cayo District Adventure Tours and Activities

Paddle down the Macal river and enjoy a picturesque canoe trip. Observe scenic rock formations as the river carves its way through the surrounding foothills. Panoramic views unfold as you emerge from another bend in the river. Watch as the forest clings precariously to steep cliffs. A tree clings to a rocky ledge for dear life, only a few roots prevent it from plummeting to its death below. Not to be outdone bromeliads perch themselves atop a rotting tree. A lone vulture circles lazily overhead, as an iguana perched on an overhead branch keeps a wary eye on you. Experience this and other adventures through our Cayo Adventure Tours. more like this...   click the up arrow to return to the top of the page   top.gif (1170 bytes)

snorkeling tours Belize

Snorkeling in Belize

You have just discovered a whole new world. An under water world you never knew existed before until now. Hovering above this world you are captivated by the beauty of brightly colored fishes swimming in and around fan and brain coral formations. Rainbow colored fishes and giant groupers entice you to follow them. Visitors to this under water world come away with an unforgettable experience. This is truly a whole new world, discover it for yourself through the Snorkel and San Pedro Island Discovery Tours. more like this...   click the up arrow to return to the top of the page   top.gif (1170 bytes)
Please Note:  San Pedro is not in the Cayo District but since it a very popular Belize Vacation Spot we have included it here for your information.  While on the Island, your resort can help you plan/setup activities (e.g snorkeling at Hol Chan) on the island and make any other arrangements for you.  J and R Guest House is not providing any additional details about San Pedro at this time, other than what is already provided here..

tours Cayo District Belize

All Cayo tours Listing

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Just AskRemember, that if your tour or activity is not listed it can be arranged. Just ask your host if it can be arranged.  For example we hosted and arranged for some visitors :
    - a day trip simply to see bromeliads (orchids)
    - a day trip for bird watching
    - a day trip to photograph butterflies
    - a day trip (unbeknown to us at the time) by a prominent Published Travel Guide

Know that your hosts have been guiding tourist in Belize long before there has been a tourism industry in Belize.click the up arrow to return to the top of the page   top.gif (1170 bytes)


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