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cayo districtCayo

The Cayo District Your Next Belize Travel Adventure Destination
San Ignacio, "Spring board to Adventure"
The West, "A world of Natural Wonders"
Cayo, "Gateway to Ancient Temples"

see District Map or see more maps

Belize's Cayo District

Belize's Cayo District is a very popular destination for visitors to Belize.  The Cayo District offers an array of exciting tours and activities for the adventure traveler, Maya history buffs and eco-tourist.  Archaeological enthusiasts will find numerous opportunities to visit ancient Maya sites and caves.  Natural History buffs will find  an enticing range of flora and fauna.  And the adventure traveler will delight in canoeing the Macal river, tubing at big creek or exploring caves.  Not to be outdone the casual visitor will be in awe of the scenic beauty of hidden valley falls or wading in your own private natural pool at Rio On.

At the heart of the Cayo district are the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena.  San Ignacio offers plenty of tour guide operators, hotels to fit every budget, restaurants, souvenir shops, as well as general merchandize shops and businesses.

 J and R Guest House

No matter what you are looking for J and R Guest House will be happy to host your stay while you are here and we will help to arrange all your tours and activities.  We hope you will choose Belize's western district, the Cayo District, as your next vacation destination.

Below is a short description of available tours and activities, and if your tour or activity is not listed it can be arranged. Just ask.  For example we hosted and arranged for some visitors :
    - a day trip simply to see bromeliads (orchids)
    - a day trip for bird watching
    - a day trip to photograph butterflies
    - a day trip (unbeknown to us at the time) by a prominent Published Travel Guide
      get more details on some of the popular cayo tours and activities here ....

The Cayo district (Belize's largest district) is a very mountainous district, covered by tropical broadleaf forest everywhere and evergreen forest in the Mountain Pine Ridge area.  It is these features that support the vast variety of eco tourism, adventure and sight seeing opportunities that draw visitors from all over the world to Belize' Cayo District.  The tropical climate and rich variety of flora and fauna were helpful in spurring the growth of a vast Mayan Civilizations, the remnants of which have survived to this day and dot the Cayo Districts landscape.   In fact new archaeological finds are being made all the time e.g. ATM Cave, and many more Mayan sites remain hidden in the tropical jungle.  Some of the most powerful Mayan City states such as Caracol are found in the Cayo District.  Some Mayan sites are within easy reach of San Ignacio.

Undoubtedly you are sure to find an activity that suits you.  To explore what type of tours and activities might peak your interest click here to get more details on some of the popular Cayo tours and activities here ...




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Districts of Belize  also see more maps of Belize

Map of Belize Showing the six districts

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