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ABOUT BELIZE Belize is in Central America, just south of Mexico and east of the Caribbean Sea. It is 8867 square miles and has a population of only 300,000. The official language is English, but Creole, Garifuna, Maya and Spanish are widely spoken. This of course is an indication of Belize's rich ethnic and cultural mix.  Belize is a popular Eco-tourism (plants and wildlife), archaeological (ancient Mayan temples found in the tropical jungles), scuba diving (second longest barrier reef in the world) and snorkeling destination. No one visits Belize without a longing to go back someday.


Location:   Belize (see map) is located in Central America, south of Mexico, east and north of Guatemala and bounded on the east by the Caribbean Sea (see map of Central America).
Size: 8,867 sq. mls. (very small) including islands.
Population: 300, 000
People: Belizeans are a rich ethnic and cultural mix of people, which include these ethnic groups: Creole, Spanish, Mestizos, Maya (Ketchi and Mopan) Garinagou, East Indians, Arabs, Mennonites and North Americans. Belizeans generally have an optimistic view of life and are contented with a slow, laid back pace of life.  Our government leaders are well aware of the environmental impact of Industry and therefore proceed cautiously in Belize's economic development . Likewise our people are afraid to embrace industry knowing that the peace, tranquillity, the life and land we now possess is worth far more than the financial gain, and problems brought about by industry.
Language: English (official language) but most people speak Creole (not to be confused with French Creole, but rather English Creole), other main languages include: Spanish, Garifuna, Maya, German (Mennonites). The language is patterned after the British Style. This is evident in  the web author's use of such spellings as colour instead of color or centre instead of center, albeit the spell checker.
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Climate and Geology: Tropical to Sub-tropical with a mean annual temperature of 79 F (80's in the Winter and 90's+ in the summer).
Seasons: A Wet (June to Nov)and Dry season (March to June). Belize has the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere(second only to Australia). It is dotted with beautiful cayes (keys) and atolls. The coastal area is low lying(sea level), but gradually rising inland some 3000' high above sea level into the Maya Mountains.  Today it has 60% of its broadleaf forests reserved, containing a dramatic mix of lush green jungles, mountains, underground caverns and a wide variety of Flora and Fauna.
Rainfall: Varies from 50" in the North to 170" in the South
Districts: The country is divided into 6 districts: Corozal, Orange Walk, Belize, Cayo, Stann Creek, And the Toledo districts. Most of our tours are in the Cayo District (see district maps).
Government: A stable democratic government lead by a Prime Minister.  The capital of Belize is Belmopan. There are two main political parties The United Democratic Party (UDP) and The Peoples United Party (PUP).
Member: Common Wealth of Nations,  and United Nations
Industries: Agricultural based includes sugar, bananas, citrus, corn, rice, cattle, fisheries, and logwood. Tourism becoming prominent as more people discover Belize. The manufacturing sector remains light. Imports far exceed exports. Most products are for local markets.
Currency: the Belize dollar is called a dollar. The exchange rate is $1US dollar = $2 BZE dollars.
Communications:  Telephones are readily available for local and international calls, while paging and wireless phones are at an increase, radio and television are well established. Computers are used by Government and most businesses have adopted them for day to day transactions. Email has become quite popular as an alternative to expensive international phone calls.
Getting There: Belize is accessible by international airlines. The Phillip Goldson Airport is Belize's international airport and main port of entry. In the US both American Airlines and Continental have daily flights to/from Belize.


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  The National Anthem of Belize is "Land of the Free"
"Would you like to hear the anthem?" yes

Toucan National Bird of BelizeThe National Bird of Belize is the Toucan




Belize tapirThe National Animal of Belize is the Tapir



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